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The last decade has seen the emergence of a class of models and languages variously termed "coordination languages", "configuration languages", "architectural description languages", and "agent-oriented programming languages". These formalisms provide a clean separation between individual software components and their interaction within the overall software organization. This separation makes large applications more tractable, supports global analysis, and enhances reuse of software.

The COORDINATION conferences series provides a forum for the growing community of researchers interested in theoretical models, languages, and implementation techniques for coordination. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Theoretical models and foundations for coordination: component composition, concurrency, dynamic aspects of coordination.
  • Specification, refinement, and analysis of software architectures: patterns and styles, verification of functional and non-functional properties.
  • Coordination, architectural, and interface definition languages: implementation, interoperability, heterogeneity.
  • Agent-oriented languages: formal models for interacting agents.
  • Dynamic software architectures: mobile agents, configuration, reconfiguration.
  • Tools and environments for the development of coordinated applications: integration within the development process.
  • Industrial relevance of coordination and software architectures: programming in the large, domain-specific software architectures and coordination models, case studies.

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