The Klaim Project
(a Kernel Language for Agent Interaction and Mobility)

Klaim is a formalism that supports a programming paradigm where processes, like data, can be moved from one computing environment to another. Klaim naturally supports programming with explicit localities;  it consists of a core Linda with multiple tuple spaces and of a set of operators for building processes.

X-Klaim is a programming language, based on Klaim, for  programming distributed applications with (object-oriented) mobile code.  It permits exchanging data and processes and programming mobile agents to retrieve information over the net.

The xklaim compiler produce Java code, by translating X-Klaim into a Java program that uses KLAVA, a Java package that implements the run-time system for Klaim.

The Klaim approach can be exploited by programming directly in Java and while taking advantage the KLAVA package. 

Software for X-Klaim and KLAVA

You can download  X-Klaim compiler and the Java package KLAVA, with same examples, for testing our system.

Basic material on Klaim/X-Klaim


Here are user's manuals for X-Klaim and Klava:




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