Third International Conference on Principles
and Practice of Declarative Programming
(PPDP 2001)

Firenze, Italy
5-7 September, 2001

Part of PLI 2001:
Colloquium on Principles, Logics, and Implementations of high-hevel programming languages

PPDP 2001 follows on from previous conferences held in Paris in 1999 and Montreal in 2000. For more background information about this series of conferences see the PPDP home page. Here is the Call for Papers for this year's conference.

PPDP 2001 aims to stimulate research on the use of declarative methods in programming and on the design, implementation and application of programming languages that support such methods. Topics of interest include any aspect related to understanding, integrating and extending programming paradigms such as those for functional, logic, constraint and object-oriented programming; concurrent extensions and mobile computing; type theory; support for modularity; use of logical methods in the design of program development tools; program analysis and verification; abstract interpretation; development of implementation methods; application of the relevant paradigms and associated methods in industry and education.

The technical program of the conference includes invited talks by Javier Esparza, Andy Gordon, and David A. Schmidt.

The PPDP 2001 submission site has information for authors.