Conference Venue

The PLI 2001 will be held in the Banca Toscana Congress Centre.

The Banca Toscana first opened its doors in 1904, as the "Piccolo Credito Toscano." Sixteen years later the Bank adopted a new name, "Credito Toscano," in part to reflect the considerable growth it had enjoyed. On March 29, 1930 the General Assembly voted to establish a new entity, the Banca Toscana SpA, and on June 4, 1930 the papers were signed. 

Since 1986 Banca Toscana stock has been traded at the Milan Stock Exchange. In 1990 the Banca Toscana purchased the "Banco di Perugia", and in 1991 the two banks merged. Since 1991 the Bank has followed its development plan, strengthening its growth in Central Italy, where it now has 311 branches.

The Banca Toscana Congress Centre is ideal for conferences, events and exhibitions. It has rooms with 20 to 350 seats, complete with a series of facilities and high level technical equipment. The Centre has rooms equipped with all the latest accessories; the most important room is the Auditorium which seats up to 350 people. The ceiling of the auditorium is made of sound-absorbing panels to give perfect acoustics. At the sides of the Auditorium there is a semicircular area which can be used for luncheons, coffee breaks and exhibitions. 

The Banca Toscana Congress Centre provide ultra-modern technical facilities for video conferences, projectors, video projection, closed circuit TV, e-mail, and Internet. The Centre is located in Via Panciatichi 87, very close to the Rifredi train station.