a programming language for object-oriented mobile code

Last Update 01 lug 2004

Version 2 available

X-Klaim is a programming language for distributed application with mobile code; you can exchange data and processes. You can program mobile agents to retrieve information on the net. X-Klaim supports strong mobility and object-oriented mobile code (structured via mixin inheritance, according to the philosophy of MoMi).

X-Klaim (new version)

X-Klaim is based on a Client-Server architecture described in the paper:

An Infrastructure Language for Open Nets
L. Bettini, M. Loreti, R. Pugliese. Proc. of SAC, Special Track on Coordination Models, Languages and Applications, pages 373-377, 2002, ACM.
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It provides strong mobility (i.e., agents have the ability to perform a migration to a remote site and resume their execution there), implemented according to the technique described in the paper:

Translating Strong Mobility into Weak Mobility
L. Bettini, R. De Nicola. Proc. of 5th IEEE Int. Conf. on Mobile Agents (MA), pages 182-197, LNCS 2240, 2001, G. Picco (Ed.), Springer.
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Moreover it supports mobile object-oriented code mobility, structured via mixins, following the approach of the MoMi calculus:

Coordinating Mobile Object-Oriented Code
L. Bettini, V. Bono, B. Venneri. Proc. of Coordination 2002, pages 56-71, LNCS 2315, F. Arbab and C. Talcott (Eds.), 2002, Springer.
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O'Klaim: a coordination language with mobile mixins
Lorenzo Bettini, Viviana Bono, Betti Venneri.
Proc. of Coordination. pp. 20-37. LNCS vol. 2949. Springer. 2004. abstract oklaim.pdf

MoMi: A Calculus for Mobile Mixins
Lorenzo Bettini, Viviana Bono, Betti Venneri.
2004. submitted. abstract momi.pdf

This new version of the language is widely described in the following PhD thesis:

Linguistic Constructs for Object-Oriented Mobile Code Programming & their Implementations,
Lorenzo Bettini
Tesi di Dottorato, Ciclo XIV, Dottorato in Logica e Informatica Teorica, Dipartimento di Matematica, UniversitÓ di Siena, Febbraio 2003.
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X-Klaim framework consists of:

compiling process
The process of compiling an X-Klaim program


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X-Klaim and Klava were originally implemented by Lorenzo Bettini in his Master Thesis in Computer Science (April 98): "Progetto e realizzazione di un linguaggio di programmazione per codice mobile" (Design and implementation of a programming language for mobile code). This software has been further extended in his PhD Thesis (Feb. 2003) "Linguistic Constructs for Object-Oriented Mobile Code Programming & their Implementations" Both documents are available in gzipped Poscript, or you can request them directly to .